Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation is established to commemorate Dr Lal Singh’s vision for Mankind. Our Foundation aims to work in areas, which are of deepest concern to Dr Lal Singh, and to act as a catalyst in promoting effective, and sustainable ideas towards suffering humanity and to promote social responsibilities towards mankind.

Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation is working in areas of Literacy, Health (promoting Homoeopathy and it’s effective cure), Disability, Empowerment of the homoeopathic physicians and their livelihoods. After almost more than four decades of rich experience of grassroots developmental work, Dr Lal Singh aims to serve for a larger purpose, and intends to reposition the focus area. The Foundation focuses its energies towards achieving a systemic and social change through education and promotion of Homoeopathy and healing the sufferings of humanity by making it a priority. Other programs continue as Development Support Initiatives.

Dr. Lal Singh’s Foundation is a fruit of this noble thinking of Health for all through holistic approach by Dr. Lal Singh. He well realized that ’HOMOEOPATHY’ which has an age-old history in the treatment of ailing humanity can play an effective role in the life of human being in Physical, Mental and Spiritual spheres. He also realized that the medical world is turning its face towards rediscovering the wealth of age-old traditional medicine rather than the allopathic system. More and more people are turning towards this approach as they find it safe, secure and less expensive.