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I always remember my father Dr. Lal Singh’s words “Sanjeev, if in the course of one day, you smile and are able to make a child or a person smile during their painful period, you would have done your bit; you would have given their life a meaning.” This explains why Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation tries to “bring back the smile to people in need of care and support, medication and education, while they are passing through the difficult phase of life, where a poor person feels helpless.

As a true Homoeopath, DrLal Singh Ji showed his true devotion and love towards the field of homoeopathy and he was able to make this science popular while working in the Nuclear Medicine and Biochemistry Department of the esteemed medical institution of India, AIIMS.

While living on the AIIMS campus from 1970 to 1987, Dr. Lal continued his charitable homoeopathic practice and showed the healing powers and efficacy of homoeopathic science not only to his patients but also to the fellow allopathic doctors, and thus gave homoeopathy an almost parallel status at the time when people hardly knew about this science. Dr. Lal always had a strong desire to promote homoeopathy, not only as an alternative medicine but as a complete science.

Today as a foundation we feel honored to serve the society by treating and curing almost all medical problems through our free medical camps and charitable Homoeopathy dispensaries. In the past 2 years, we were able to serve more than lakh of patients. We feel privileged in sharing with you that with the media promotion of our slogan HOMOEOPATHY HAI NAA (which is registered trade mark slogan of Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation), we have been successfully promoting homoeopathy. In an effort to popularize this science among one and all, a 24 hours helpline for homoeopathy- 01141600016 has also been set up. Friends you will be surprised and sad to know that we have received more than a million calls, most of them enquiring what homoeopathy is?? We feel happy that we are able to educate atleast the people of Delhi and NCR about efficacy of homoeopathy and how it cures. Thus, spreading awareness and educating masses about the myths and facts related to homoeopathy.

Further moving ahead, we have produced some short audio-visual film advertisements being telecasted throughout the nation and thus we feel dignified in moving a few steps closer towards promoting this science parallel status as of modern medicine.

When we talk about parallel status of homoeopathy to that of modern medicine, we know we need to be updated in our knowledge. And for doing that we are not running away from our responsibility. We, along with Dr. Lal’s expertise, promoted and educated the homoeopaths associated with us by sharing Dr. Lal Singh’s more than 4 decades vast successful clinical experience along with the nutraceutical way of healing with homoeopathic medicines and also time to time tested them for their knowledge and given them certificates and awards.

Again, I would like to inform you that we feel equally concern for the growth of homoeopaths too. Realizing our responsibility, we wish that no homoeopath should go jobless and continuing working towards this, we have given employment to nearly 25 homoeopaths with handsome salaries by setting up 20 charitable homoeopathic dispensaries and planning to setup more and more dispensaries so that homoeopathy should be in the air of Delhi and NCR where doctors are available all 6 days a week both morning and evening, centers are

  1. Swaran park
  2. Madipur
  3. Chatarpur
  4. Patel nagar
  5. Green park
  6. Nanak piyauGurudwara
  7. Faridabad
  8. MotibaghGurudwara
  9. Suryavihar,Old Gurgaon
  10. New Friends Colony
  11. Krishna Nagar
  12. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara
  13. Narela
  14. Akilpur, GautamBudh Nagar
  15. Peeragarhi
  16. Sarai kale khan
  17. Wazirabad
  18. Vasantkunj
  19. Sultan puri
  20. Tuglakabad

I feel proud to announce about H4H, Homoeopaths for Humanity, in which we want to see all homoeopaths through out India on a common platform to motivate them to work for the social cause and for charity along with their ongoing private practice.

Following Dr. Lal’s footsteps, we as a team of Dr. Lal Singh’s Foundation work hard every day to ensure that the people from the poorest of the poor communities in Delhi and NCR will all receive proper medical, Eye care, social, psychological, educational, spiritual and recreational services of the highest quality and above all they receive love. We are indebted to the donors, sponsors and volunteers who make our work possible. But friends, Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation continues to face many challenges; hence, I appeal all of you to support us more in whatever mode you can, to help us to give back the smile to all the suffering humanity.

Warmest wishes,

Dr. Sanjeev Singh Chawla

Founder and President

Respected Members

It is my pleasure to submit to you the 7th Annual Report to the all members, supporters, donors n all associated team.

It is a great honour for me to have been asked to lead this institution of the Public Service and Corporate Social Responsibility from DrLal Singh Expertise.

I would like to thanks everyone associated with our foundation for the trust you have placed in me in this capacity.

This past year marked significant Public Service accomplishments—delivering the Foundation agenda and serving all people of special needs in policy, program management, and front-line delivery. Whether managing the Dengue outbreak, protecting the health, promotion of Homoeopathy and other social responsibilities supporting the development of needed infrastructure or fulfilling any of our other roles, we have worked with partners to find solutions to challenges faced by our communities and citizens.

I have seen first-hand the opportunities we have to serve and the difference we make in working to build a Healthy n Happy community In this report, I have provided some examples of the achievements of our Foundation in the last year. I know from meeting with all associated members of DrLal Singh’s Foundation, that they take great pride in serving All in needs to the best of their ability, and that they look for ways to do even better as part of their daily work.

DrLal Singh’s Foundation has consistently demonstrated that it is up to the challenges of the day. In my role as President , I plan to place a priority on ensuring that we are both ready to address the challenges we face and able to leverage the opportunities to do even better in serving All those areas where community service are lacking n requires a betterment whether it’s about care n concern of special need children, appropriate health services to needy, safety for Girls n women empowerment, establishing communal Harmony and establishing more Homoeopathic Dispensaries n other measures for promotion of Homoeopathy in the coming years and decades.

Yours sincerely,

Sanjeev Singh Chawla.