Since februay,2013 we have been organizing free medical health and eye check up& blood check up camps in various underprivileged and needy societies of Delhi. So far we have organized approximately 100 such camps. In Past one year we have done free homeopathy, eye and dental camps in Tihar jail number 2, 5,6,7,8,9, Rohini Jail, Leper’s Colony- Tilak Nagar, Leper’s Colony- R.K.Puram, PremDham Ashram- Nazafgadh, Peeragadhi Slum-Relief Camp, Schools for needy Children, Children of Navjyoti Foundation run by Dr.KiranBedi, Tamana School- for special need children run by Dr.ShyamaChona, school for special children-AkshayPratishthan, green park gurudwara, saijagriti school-paschimvihar, camps organized in association with NGO’S like DISHA & LIONS CLUB and many more. Here free medicines are also provided to these needy people and camps are organized monthly so as to provide them medicines regularly. We have association with many schools running in underprivileged areas where we take full responsibility of health of their students and teachers considering that these children are the future of our country. Regular monthly health, eye, dental & blood check ups are done in these schools and proper health card is maintained for regular follow ups. Through these camps we have served approximately 50 thousand people so far excluding the students of various schools.

We feel honoured in sharing with you that with the promotion of our slogan HOMOEOPATHY HAI NAA (which is registered trade mark slogan of Dr Lal Singh’s foundation) through out the year in one of the leading newspapers of India Hindustan times English and Hindi editions, we have been quite successful in our efforts in promoting homoeopathy. In an effort to popularize this science among common masses a 24 hours helpline for homoeopathy- 01141600016 has also been set up. Through thiswe try to educate people about myths & facts of Homoeopathy, efficacy of homoeopathy and how it cures.

We have our own medical ambulance which serves the people in need.
We have produced some short audio-visual film advertisements being telecasted throughout the nation and thus promoting this science and giving it a parallel status as of modern medicine. We, along with Dr.Lal’s expertise, promoted and educated the homoeopaths associated with us by sharing Dr.Lal Singh’s more than 4 decades vast successful clinical experience along with the nutraceutical way of healing with homoeopathic medicines and also time to time tested them for their knowledge and given them certificates and awards.

Dr.Lal Singh Foundation in association with Dr.Lal Expertise issues a monthly newsletter for the doctors and common people teaching them about the various disorders and their homoeopathic cure in addition to this the dietary precautions are also given in it so that people could learn more and more. In every issue of newsletter, prevalent seasonal disease is also discussed and also monthly health forecast is given to aware masses about upcoming health hazards.

we wish that no homoeopath should go jobless and continuing working towards this, we have given employment to nearly 15 homoeopaths with handsome salaries by setting up 13 charitable homoeopathic dispensaries and planning to setup more and more dispensaries so that homoeopathy should be in the air of Delhi and NCR where doctors are available all 6 days a week both morning and evening hours. Now, we are opening permanent charitable dispensaries all over Delhi and NCR. Our motive is to provide health and harmony to all the needy people of our society. Doctors and medicines will be provided from our end. Medicines for a week would be available at a nominal fee of Rs. 20/- per visit. Laboratory investigations by El Diagnostics, will also be conducted on totally non profitable basis. We all know, health and safety concerns of women are paramount for the wellbeing of a country, and is an important factor in gauging the empowerment of women in a country. However there are alarming concerns where maternal healthcare is concerned.In its 2009 report, UNICEF came up with shocking figures on the status of new mothers in India. The maternal mortality report of India stands at 301 per 1000, with as many as 78,000 womenin India dying of childbirth complications in that year. Today, due to the burgeoning population of the country, that number is sure to have multiplied considerably. The main causes of maternal mortality are:-
Haemorrhage: 30%
Anaemia: 19%
Sepsis: 16%
Obstructed Labour: 10%
Abortion: 8%
Toxaemia: 8%

Poverty and illiteracy add to these complications with local quacks giving ineffective and downright harmful remedies to problems that women have. The empowerment of women begins with a guarantee of their health and safety. And, considering these shocking statics, Dr.Lal Singh’s Foundation has been effectively working in this field. We are working for behavior change amongst poor rural and urban communities on fundamental developmental issues such as maternal and child health, nutrition, adolescent girl empowerment and education. Special gynecologists visits in underprivileged areas to give guidance and proper medication if required.