Every few months CME’s are conducted by Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation for the doctors. They are taught about different specialized fields by professionals and specialists. Presentations are given on specialized topics for their better understanding. After the CME’s online exam related to the same, are conducted for the doctors. Doctor can appear for the online exam. After the results, qualified doctors are certified on our annual function. This way we give them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and perspective of the disease. We promote Homoeopathy and also give knowledge to doctors about the supplements which are required for a healthy life. As we cannot get adequate minerals required by our body through food, so need for supplements arises and this knowledge is given to doctors. Doctors are told about the ingredients and their usages so that best treatment could be given to the patients. The doctors get benefited from these CME’s and workshops.


Counselling sessions are done by our reputed counsellors in various organisations. Counselling are needed much in under privileged areas as there is much need to remove mental blocks, myths and conceptions related to social upbringing.

Workshops related to students, teachers, team members, executives, inmates in jail etc are organized by us. Workshops related to Stress Management, Personal Development, Team Development, Way to Happiness, Peer Pressure, Parental Differences, Achieving Goals, Leading a balanced work and family life etc are of much help to the people to live happily.

A trained child & adolescent counsellor help children by providing individual counselling in the following domains:

  • Personal/Social development
  • Academic development
  • Career development

The primary goal of child & adolescent counselling is to reduce barriers to your child’s academic performance. Barriers to academic success come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it is reducing anxiety, working on study skills, developing healthy friendships, facing problems in the home, setting goals or addressing bulling (to name a few), counselling provides a safe and confidential environment for your child to speak with a caring, professional counsellor who can support his or her development.

Through one-on-one counselling, children have the opportunity to explore their feelings, aspirations, and personal development in the following areas:

Personal &Social: Children will develop strong foundations for personal and social growth. Example- Stress management,Acquire self-knowledge (values, attitudes, beliefs),Increase self-awareness, Develop interpersonal skills, Learn how to make and keep friends, Communication skills (with parents, adults, peers), Coping with peer pressure

Academic: Children will learn to implement strategies and activities to support and maximize their ability to learn. Examples: Goal setting, Improve academic self-concept, Acquire study skills for improved learning, Motivation techniques to achieve individual potential, Learn to balance studies, extra-curricular activities, leisure, family, etc.

Career: Children will develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge that enable them to make a successful transition from school to the world or work, and from job to job across the lifespan.


An awareness drive to educate students about the dangers of reckless driving and other traffic rules were conducted with students of various schools and colleges. More than 5,000 students with their parents attended the session. Considering school students as the best medium to spread mass awareness, we held sessions across several schools in Delhi & NCR. The sessions are a part of the awareness drives. Parents were also asked during the session to ensure that their children follow road safety rules. They were also asked to not allow their minor children to drive. Drawing competition on the theme of road safety was also organized. The students have also learnt what to do in fire accident and other emergencies. After the training, students learnt what to do and not panic in such situations.