Even after decades of freedom, India is struggling to provide basic health services to its people. The situation calls for timely care and diagnosis which can reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality especially among children and women.

Our Free Homoeopathy Camps is one such special initiative to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas and slums through standalone camps. Customized health camps are organized extensively across the country offering comprehensive health services – curative, preventive, promotive and referral, to a large number of people in selected intervention areas.

Free Homoeopathy camps are organised in different locations on the basis of health needs of a specific location. These health camps aim at promoting health seeking behaviour in the long term and thus, unlike a general curative health camp, these camps also majorly work on building awareness regarding common ailment, nutrition and hygiene and sanitation. These camps provide comprehensive health services free of cost.

These health camps are organized with support from corporate, civic bodies, the government, NGOs and individual volunteers. We have conducted over 300general homoeopathy camps till date and have benefitted more than 50,000 people directly.

Free medicines are given for 15 days and these camps are repeated every 15 days at the same place so that proper follow up and management of patients could be ensured which is essential for their recovery. Proper records are maintained for all patients for further medications and follow ups.

The uniqueness of the model lies in its comprehensive approach where health promotion and prevention are given equal importance while curative care is administered.


Medical team reach patients in rural areas for conducting free eye camps. Patients are screened for various eye diseases.

The camp team composed of ophthalmologists and paramedical staff goes to the campsite. With support from local community record the patient details are taken. Patients are given prescriptions, which may be used for any future follow-up.

Preliminary vision test is performed by ophthalmic assistants. Vision charts and E type charts, are used.
Clinical conditions such as external eye infections, vision loss caused by nutritional deficiency and the incurably blind are examined. After this basic examination with the help of torch light and direct ophthalmoscope, the patients are directed to further steps.

Optical Services: Opticians also attend the screening camp as part of the medical team. A set of frames are taken to the camp venue. Patients advised to wear eye glasses may use this opportunity as it is available at affordable price and receive eye glasses in the camp venue itself.

These camps are organised in slums, orphanages, old age homes, Tihar Jails and at many more places. Free eye drops, medicines are also provided to the patients.


Our Foundation organise free dental camps in, Delhi and NCR regions. We provides a complete free dental health check-up camps at community places, schools, villages, residential societies, slums, orphanages, Tihar Jails and many more.

Free Dental health check-up camps are provided for making public aware about dental problems, their treatments and methods of prevention. Free Dental camps are organized into a mass gathering where the impact of dental awareness education is most.

Any organization and public in general will not only get benefit of dental check-up, but will also get important education regarding dental issues, hygiene, treatments etc. Organization and institutions get proper review and analysis of their Dental health care needs and necessary areas of health improvement in development of organizational well being.

Our dental camps are designed to provide relevant insights into an organization’s health care needs and are delivered with enthusiastic participation from dental professionals serving the cause.

Dental camps are created to provide:

1) Dental Awareness– Accessing the need for dental care & providing oral hygiene education.

2) Dental Check-ups– Getting complete picture of dental care needs & dental problems.

3) Dental treatments– Providing solution to dental problems by preventive dental treatments at affordable cost.

Toothpastes and brushes are also provided free of cost to needy people.

Camps include:-

  • Complete Dental Check-up of individuals
  • Oral Hygiene Awareness
  • One to one consultation with dentists for present dental condition
  • Dental Hygiene products education and awareness
  • Complete Dental Health Reports


Organizing blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the demand of blood. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. We organize these camps regularly and bring smiles to many faces.

We send out mails to all donors thanking them for donating blood and asking them for the feedback on the camp. Based on that, we judge how successful the camp was and what all needs to be worked upon for future blood donation camps.

We only organize blood donation camps with government blood banks. We believe that in the government blood banks/govt. hospitals, majority of the blood is used to help out the underprivileged. It goes in-line with our objective to help those who are in dire need and those who cannot get help by any other means. We need to publicize the camp in all ways possible- online mailing, posters and standees. We have a collection of posters, which will help us in this process. We also organize an awareness session if required. We organise these camps at many places like- Gurudwaras, Corporate offices, Multi Nationals, Malls etc.


In an endeavour to raise health awareness and to highlight the importance of regular health check-ups, our Foundation has Charitable Diagnostic Centre- El Diagnostics, which has been organizing Blood Test Camps at various places.

During these camps, our team of certified phlebotomists conduct blood tests.

Each person attending our Health Camp can avail any of the tests at 50 % less cost from the market. We feel privileged to do free blood tests for those who cannot afford the tests.

We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. We offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support. Our broad physician expertise, highly skilled workforce and benchmark-setting operational performance deliver services that are seamless, dependable, safe and appropriately priced.

We offer a same day service for routine in-house tests on samples received before 2:00 pm; under normal working conditions (this includes haematology, biochemistry and cytology).

With the help of our advanced state-of-the-art laboratories, we deliver accurate test reports each time.


We organize Laughter camp at many public places including parks, societies, schools, colleges, Tihar Jails etc. It included copious breathing exercises and a number of guided relaxation techniques.

Instead of doing the sessions while standing up, the participants sat down all through on yoga mats in a relaxed manner. This facilitated those who had physical problems to participate in the program. People feel relieved of long time depression, head ache and limb pain. The new format of doing Laughter Yoga has been well received.

Laughter flows effortlessly like a fountain during laughter meditation segment. Such is the power of laughter!

Laughter Yoga beat the blues and laugh away stress

“Laughter is a serious job. It needs to be done with proper guidance. We tell people to forget the past, avoid thinking about the future, just be in present and laugh.

People feel healthy and relaxed after the session. The morning sessions with loud ‘HoHo Ha HaHa’ attracts the regular morning walkers and those in the locality. People get relieved of their headaches, have glowing faces and improve their health.