H4H is an initiative of Dr.Lal Singh’s Foundation with vision of empowering Homoeopaths to help themselves and to serve the society in a better way. Our inspiration Dr.Lal Singh always quote the following: ‘Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day, become your profession. ‘After God the society considers the ‘Medical practice’ as the noblest profession and the ‘Doctors’ as the ‘Chosen ones’ to save the humanity. But in today’s rat race we tend to forget the compassion of our profession. Dr.Lal Singh’s Foundation aspires to bring out this compassion of servitude among the homoeopaths and drive them to the charitable cause of helping the society. Through this, we want to see all Homoeopaths, throughout India on a common platform to motivate them to work for the social cause and for charity along with their ongoing private practice.

Moving forward with the aim of connecting all Homoeopaths together we launched an international platform GLOBAL CONNECT PROGRAMME where we integrate technology to create an agile healthcare platform. A leap of faith to connect homoeopaths around the world.A faith to give every single patient around the world, an equal opportunity to connect with the best pool of homoeopaths, to give homoeopaths a platform to share their thoughts & suggestions.Last but not the least, to create an association of homoeopaths who can serve and treat every individual who believes in homoeopathy. Our objective is to create a platform where doctors are available to their patients round the clock regardless of the time.