Delhi prisons have taken strides in the reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoners and our foundation is supporting them in these reformation activities. We keep on organising free homoeopathy camps for the inmates every 15 days so that their health should be taken care of. Regular medicines are provided to the inmates. Counselling sessions are organised for them. As until and unless a person is not relaxed mentally, he cannot go on a right and positive path. We try to resolve their problems and relax them mentally. Also we work for their spiritual growth by organising BhajanSandhyas, chanting by spiritual gurus etc. For their skill management, painting competitions are also organised which are judged by world famous artists. Their talents are exhibited by our foundation at various exhibitions arranged by us. Main aim of these exhibitions is to make general people aware about the skills of the inmates.

The Jail Administration runs various vocational and technical programmes for skill development, reformation and rehabilitation of inmates, in various units such as Carpentry, Weaving (Handloom and Power loom), Tailoring, Chemical, Paper, Food Processing, Pottery, Shoe Making & Bakery (Tihar Baking School). Dr.Lal Singh’s Foundation we give them the sense of acceptability in outside world and thus prevent the relatively innocent from adopting lives of crime. Our motive is that any man who came in jail should not go out as a criminal. Jail may not put an end to crime, but we want to help prisoners live a life free of misdemeanour. The amount received by selling the products and the paintings made by the inmates, goes to the account of inmate, helping them to earn their livelihood and showing them the right path after they come out of the jail.

Tihar Jain Painting Competition


Main aim of Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation is to serve humanity. So we believe that everyone should get the basic needful items. We collect clothes from people. Wash those clothes, iron them and pack them as sets in a polybags. We go to slums, streets, old age homes, orphanages and distribute these clothes according to sizes. We also give biscuits, soaps, toothbrushes, tooth paste, oil, blankets, toilateriesetc to these people. We also visit Tihar Jail and distribute clothes, slippers, tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps, oil etc to the inmates whose family members do not visit them.