Children with behaviour issues don’t respond to traditional discipline. With diagnoses like ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Dysfunction of Sensory Integration, and Tourette syndrome, they require specialized strategies that are tailored to their specific abilities and disabilities. If those strategies are not developed and used, kids with behaviour issues throw their families into chaos and are seriously at risk for school problems.

We believe there is hope for every child. For us every child is special but some have special need and with special care and their inclusion in society they can reach their maximum potential. Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of the plight of children with special needs in the target communities. Our objectives include- increasing knowledge about children with special needs, with an emphasis on children with Autism & Down’s syndrome, building the capacity of parents/care-givers of children with special needs to provide the necessary care and support. We do various therapies & medical camps for these children; do co-curricular activities like painting competitions, dance programmes, various skits and sports activities with them to encourage them.


Dr.Lal Singh’s Foundation work with persons with and without disability walk hand-in-hand, work shoulder-to-shoulder and are accepted as equal partners; where help to all comes out of empathy, not sympathy. We try to bring out the latent talents of persons with disabilities so as to maximize the utilization of their skills and abilities, to bring in attitudinal changes in society towards persons with disabilities and change the public’s stereotyped perceptions. We organize various co-circular activities with them like painting competition, dance and singing activities, and also give those medical help by giving medicines and physiotherapy sessions.