A woman is dynamic in the many roles she plays. The empowerment of women begins with a guarantee of their health and safety and we are working in this field. We are working for behaviour changes amongst poor rural and urban communities on fundamental development issues such as maternal and child health, nutrition, adolescent girl empowerment and education. Special gynaecologists visit in underprivileged areas to give guidance and proper medication if required.

We empower women to face the present challenges by providing tools and techniques that help to eliminate individual stress. A sense of community spirit is created that allows for women to face these similar challenges as a team rather than individually. We encourage women to find practical solutions to their challenges so that each one becomes self-dependent in their own right.

A comprehensive sponsorship is created to take care of a range of their educational requirements, providing not only academic support that enables them to make a success of their schooling experience but also material support including uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks etc. to enable the girl child to go to school with dignity. The material kit is ceremonially handed over to each child at the beginning of the academic year.


Dr.Lal Singh ji is a son of God. He has all his faith and trust in God. And the same he has taught us. Following his footsteps, Dr.Lal Singh’s Foundation works under the power of that supreme God. We regularly organizes various religious programmes where we do healing through NAAM JAAP, i.e. teaching masses about the presence of supreme power, colourful array of different approaches to life, death, human destiny, philosophy, theology, and ethics. NaamJaap is the surest and easiest way of purifying and pacifying one’s mind. It involves repeating God’s name aloud or in one’s mind. Chanting God’s name and remembering his divine from charges on aspirant with peace, joy and divine vibrations. After some time one’s mind becomes oblivious to external objects and thoughts, and one’s consciousness becomes withdrawn and elevated to a blissful state. Chanting God’s name also creates a positive aura, inspiring peace and joy. All these ultimately pacify mind and soul and thus, promote humanity.

We organized many bhajanssandhyas&Gurbani teaching classes in various societies, religious places and also in Tihar Jails to provide the divine understanding and knowledge about the benefits of NaamSimran and to eternally bless us.