What is a Village Development Project?

With the support of our members we coordinate village development projects that empower indigenous pastors with practical resources they need to transform their villages spiritually and physically. We show villages how to exercise ownership, sustainability, and accountability for solving their biggest problems. We help provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and food as a means of advancing the gospel. This demonstrates how they can address other problems such as education, employment, medical care and medical mission.

Villages in India are typically suffering from the lack of:

  • Clean drinking water
  • Sanitation
  • Food
  • Employment
  • Medical care
  • Education and literacy
  • Child care & education
  • Senior adult care
  • Social justice

The major goal of Village development Project is to ensure increase net income, reduce health risks, and support 100% education among primary school going children. The main aim of the policy of Dr lal Singh’s Foundation is to develop this underprivileged village and address social inequities and integrate everyone regardless of gender, caste, religion and region.

Encompasses participatory approach, the programme basically has introduced educational, healthcare and economic development activities for the welfare of the community. In addition, it ensures that this village has homes for homeless, better learning environment for children, economic support for higher studies, human values, personal & general health and hygiene, drinking water facilities, environment awareness, peace and harmony in diversity.

We believe in long term sustainability that after 3 years community people will be self sufficient to take the responsibility for the development of the village. And, for this purpose, we will be building capacity of women, youth and children. We will form women and men’s groups and start giving responsibility to them.

Major Segments of Village Development Programme:

Community Centre:

Observing and analyzing the susceptible situation of the Village ,Drlal Singh’s Foundation will start community centre. It will act as multipurpose institute of the people, by the people, and for the people to promote learning new knowledge, skills and behaviors to improve people’s quality of life and living standard. It plays a key role in personal and societal development. We believe that it is an effective mechanism for empowering individuals and promoting community development. Also, this Centre will play an increasingly important role in bringing local communities together. It will offer a focal point for neighbourhood activities.

Functions of Community Centre:

  • Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Employment
  • Community Information & Dissemination of Resources
  • Community Development
  • Coordination & Networking

Education :

We believe that we can only improve Indian Economy by educating and uplifting minorities, Dalits, SC/ST and negligible groups.

For the purpose, we are planning Tuition Centre in this village. Here, we will spread importance of education and encourage enrollment and check drop-out, provide quality and equitable education to the children. Youth encouragement for acquiring higher education. Free sessions will be taken by qualified teachers. Also, educational awareness programs will be organized on need basis to decrease the drop-out rate.

We would like to say that same as formal education system, our non formal education program is also based on a commitment to learning and knowledge acquisition and scientifically sound curriculum and resources.


Public health in the villages is at the cross-roads, facing multiple challenges and competing priorities. We will be taking tremendous measures to promote good health and well-being among their target communities. As part of the healthcare initiatives,We will open a Charitable Homoeopathic Dispensary where our doctor will visit daily morning and evening. Medicines will be provided by us. We will regularly organize health camps, counseling session and IEC activities to generate awareness on health & sanitation. It also initiates regular interaction forums to educate villagers on health care issues/family planning & institutional deliveries, basic immunization within community, better food habits and encouragement of kitchen garden.